Sunday, June 5, 2011

Who Am I?

Who Am I?


I am the crack of a Spanish fan

the black echo of a castanet

and the shadow of a fringed shawl

I am the admiring glance

of a butch to a femme

and I am the femme’s sidelong glance



I come from a place

where violins begin

when sidewalk accordions fold up

and spider monkeys are tucked in

for the night

It is a tierra baja place

under ground

under subway

under Mother’s sacred space

where cave dances

are born


I am…

the twist of a beribboned wrist

the cut of a French cuff

the pause before a tango

and the suspension after


I am the violet spectrum

a black satin pump

the spindle of a well-turned heel

I can take my femme to whatever ecstasy she desires

then turn around

and surrender to

her long lost moves

until I give her back

that tuxedoed moan

and get up and do it

again, again

otra vez, une fois de plus…


I come from a place


Uterine known

Where children come first


and third

I come from English ivy

whiter than white Celtic sighs

blacker than black African sheen

and I give tartan its hue

Boadica tosses me in her tresses

Vita & Violet are my progeny

And I roll in on every wave of labor


Who am I?

I am female consciousness

Older than old,

ever new

I am no ‘ism’

I am an ‘ity’






Call me



Call Me

© Nancy’s Truth