Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nancy Segal’s PHOETICS®The poetic truth in every childhood photograph’ 


 “Themes & Motifs of Our Girlhood Photographs”

Little Red Riding Hood    Nancy at Age Four   

THEME:  ‘Female Fairy Tales ~ Hair & Hoods’   
From Rapunzel and Snow White to Goldilocks and The Blue Fairy,
our deepest female truths about long and short hair, golden, raven, red
lay buried beneath false fairy tales. Discover the truths of your unique beauty!

THEME:   “My favorite girlhood dresses/shoes/hats/toys are always RED!
What are the many meanings of RED in our sacred Female Psyche?
 Discussion of The Red Shoes, Little Red Riding Hood and much more…

THEME:  “Why did Mom dress us alike?  We weren’t even twins!”
Sisters are not carbon copies-why is this practice so commonplace?
What does this say about our self-imaged sacred photographs?

Discover with wise women their many messages & meanings!

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