Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Saturday Oct 29th: Fun with Phoetics welcomes Megan Bixel

Greetings dear Columbus-ites!

Please join me this Saturday , October 29th, at 1 pm, on Nancy's Truth, Fun with Phoetics special Fall program when I welcome our awesome October guest, Megan Bixel of Worthington, Ohio.

Megan will share her passionate journey for Art History, critical work as Registrar & Preparator at the Hammond Harkins Gallery of Bexley and her childhood & family photos.

Who knows what hidden truths and beauty will bob up as we wade in the Phoetic waters of her photos?

Together we will explore the themes, mysteries and myths...on this All Hallow's Eve!

The magic begins at 1pm! 102.1 FM on your radio dial..

Your host,

Nancy Lee

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Baldwin Hills Elementary School sat on very sacred ground

Baldwin Hills Elementary School sat on very sacred ground. There was something inherently primeval about it. We studied the dinosaurs and the Pleistocene age over the very bones that once testified to their existence and somehow it was all linked to the children who matriculated there, the parents who came and went, the teachers in whose charge we were and in that mythological sense, was as elementary as the school itself.

It was old, we were new. It was older than old, we were newer than new and some of us, very old indeed. It was a time for new beginnings and finding our way back. We all came from families of diverse backgrounds, yet it was the classrooms and teachers that threw the spotlight on or truest selves. Fall, ushered in by the hot breaths of Madame Santa Ana kept us in a whirlwind of bougainvillea whirlpools from Mission San Gabriel and in a maelstrom of Halloween burnt offerings, Thanksgiving hand-turkey cutouts, lanyards put away from last summer’s campgrounds and the profound sense that all these grownups cared about the seasonal times and tides and that they truly wanted to bequeath all this abundance to us.

I cried every time the ending bell rang and kept living for the next time we’d assemble for The Christmas Program and its calendar counterpart, The May Festival. We had a cornucopia of teachers at our fingertips and they in turn, taught our fingertips what came next. In first grade, it was gray mats and nap times and just noticing who did not flush the toilet that occupied one’s sense of order, cleanliness and consistency. In second grade, the soft, felt cutouts on Mrs. Hewlett’s scrap board gave us the first opportunity to touch a wondrous, nouvelle pointer-finger onto the two apples that made three, when you were called up to press one next to hers. In Fall, pumpkins and maple leafs joined the apple family and before we were released for Christmas Break, green wreathes and silvery garlands of Walt Disney styled cartoon scarlet bows graced the black background. It was a time for me when math was not capitalized yet, meant only addition and did not tax my troubled head. I had only to learn to count to ten and that was enough.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nancy's Truth: "Fun with Phoetics" debuts on the air!

Guest on “Fun with Phoetics”

(Bexley, OH) - Nancy Segal, the radio show host of Fun with Phoetics will have a guest on October 15th. “Fun with Phoetics” is a weekly show that airs at 1pm on Bexley Radio 102.1 and 98.3 FM. Darrah Courter is a Phoetics client of Nancy’s.

Fun with Phoetics uses Nancy’s trademarked techniques which use biological, chemical, physical and intuitive energies that combine to bring a woman's truths into the light. Those truths are preserved in her childhood photographs. The Fun with Phoetics show is a lively discussion that dives into the truths discovered via childhood photographs. Darrah and Nancy will discuss the amazing insight that occurred during a session.
“I was amazed how writing about a picture with my non-dominate hand could draw out so many feelings and observations about a snap-shot of my life. We found that there were more insights about what was not in the picture. Phoetics is pretty amazing,” noted Darrah.

Please join Darrah and I for this debut of my first guest broadcast! And email in any questions-ideas you would like addressed on the air for future shows