Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Part 2-Photographs are the reason I am living....

"The Photographs.."

Nothing was framed.  Just one old family standard, the one of father holding me when I'm eighteen months old, the one my mother always called, "Sid Holding Nancy on the Lawn On Norwich." 

Preserved in its original cheap brass filigree frame from Owl Rexall, now permanently stuck to the old glass from a trillion searing California suns, you could not even prop it up from behind.   The rippled brown felt cardboard ceased to care, buckled with boredom, dampened from defeat, an eight by ten relic that had sat on my father’s metal desk in a trailer where he'd once worked.  My mother must have been the one who took this photograph for she appears in a photo with me that same day, stamped on the back in red archival Kodak ink:  "Week of March 17th, 1952."

Towering taller than tall, hair pinned up in a long straight skirt Lucy pumps, white blouse and dark Fifties lipstick she leans forward.  Smiles.  It is a worm's eye view.  My father must have crouched on the ground to get this angle.  I am propped up like a garden gnome, a fairy statue a good two feet from her.  The very distance between us is soul-sickening and will serve me well in the work I will create from it one day.  Back then I was not ready for such sacred callings and instead focused on the photograph with my father. 

"Sid Holding Nancy On The Lawn On Norwich"

He looks like a movie star though he doesn't think so.  I am perched in the crook of his arm as he smiles to the camera holding one hand over the other.   I appear to be studying his face.  My feet are in socks and booties.  I wear a pinafore.  My right arm has shot up in a long-lost, long-remembered Female Code.  I am in Lilith-mode; conjuring back the rods and rings of Absolute Female Sovereignty. 

My Handsome Daddy and Mister Pipe do not see me but I see the  snake between his two front teeth where he likes to whistle. His initials make the same sound a snake makes, in the same place he makes a whistle.  The Ricky Ricardo jacket he sports is my favorite color powder blue.  My tender baby legs dangle in ankle-booties.  In profile my silken curls frame like a caplet.  Above us points the apex of Norwich's roof.  From behind the shadow of the old palm frond both accentuates and draws the eye toward the image it presents:  my sacred arm posture. 

“Phoetics®  & Seeing Through The Eye of the Heart”

For all those decades before I saw Pat, I saw this photograph as a sad neglected thing, an image my father ignored, my grandmother never mentioned, and mother did not put on the mantelpiece.  Yet somehow something lingered, something reverent.  Twenty years might pass but not without the deepest of study, journaling, until one day I would find myself writing, "There is a photograph that is both my shame and salvation."  That would mark the beginning of Phoetics, though I would not know it for another twenty years. 

Today I see all life and all childhood photographs through The Eye of the Heart, The Phoetic Eye.
"Sid Holding Nancy on Norwich," was all my mother could see.  Yet here was not a 'family photo' but a sacred image, a ‘mythograph,’ an image of my true spirit origin, character and calling...
  “Portrait of a Great Bird Goddess.”

Thursday, October 31, 2013



Photographs are the reason I am living..
When I was a mother of two young daughters in my fortieth year, I yanked the brakes on my runaway life to a screeching halt. You could smell the psychic rubber fuming all the way from Orange County to LA. 
Everything I had been doing and the way I had been doing it was coming to an end.  It was as if the sands of my female hourglass were running out.  I was forty.  At a crossroads.  No signposts.  No maps.  No tracts.  No wise women.  I was desperate.  And for the first time in my life, I went against my mother’s dire warnings:  "Never trust a woman.  In fact, the only woman you can ever trust is your own mother." 
I found my first female therapist. She was exactly my age and I sensed right away that this woman was a master surgeon when it came to bloodletting the toxins that had been in my psychic body for so long I never knew there was such a thing as 'normal.'  I put myself into her good hands for the next two years.  When I asked her why she thought I might have been abused, she was careful with her words and replied, “Well, if you had a list of fifteen red flags, I could check off every one of them.”   I didn’t understand her, but I trusted her.  She never pushed, just asked me to bring in my family photos, whatever I wanted.

"The Seeding of Phoetics..."
It was on one of those milder-than-mild early Southern California mornings when my Lady Santa Ana's softly ushered me off in a Great Mother sweep to Pat's modest two-story gray clapboard offices, sequestered beneath ancient eucalyptus trees off some anonymous, intimate back-road in Tustin.  I got out of my black Jag, dutifully dragged from the trunk a dirty dusty weatherworn box crammed with photos from every era I had ever lived, psychically and physically and made my way up the shaky elevator.  Little could I have guessed that day that this was the beginning of the rest of my life and what I would come to know as My Calling.    

Sunday, September 22, 2013

 Nancy Segal’s PHOETICS®         presents........

  Nancy 1958                Nancy-Lilith Myth Merged      Goddess Lilith 1950 AD
“The Mythstery of Nancy Segal’s Phoetics®
Saturday October 12   1:30-3:30 PM
Awakenings Center for Conscious Living
25260 La Paz Road #D1 Laguna Hills   CA 
$20 prepaid/$25 cash-check at door 
© Bring your childhood photos to see what
promise, myth, & mystery they may hold!
website:      Blog:  


Monday, May 27, 2013

Final Columbus Workshop of 2013
Nancy Segal's Phoetics® Presents....  

Please bring any photos of yourself and mother 
up to age 10 preferred but not mandatory
And a ribbon to tie on my tambourine for remembrance!
 SATURDAY JUNE 15TH  11 AM – 2 PM    $30
 Ki Empowerment Holistic Center
 933 High St.    Suite120B    Worthington Ohio
Cash or Check at the door-24 Hr. Cancellation
For more info: (or)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday April 26 Phoenix Books 7 PM Sunday April 28 New Phoetics Workshop

Please join me, Nancy Segal
Guest Speaker 
  Friday, April 26th    Friday Night Talk  Phoenix Books 7-8 PM

Sunday, April 28th   Phoetics Workshop~ Recurring Themes in Our Girlhood Photographs 

Hair & Hoods in Fairy Tales ~ “I always wanted long hair…”   

 RED in the Female Psyche ~ “My favorite girlhood color was always RED.

 SISTERS are not carbon copies ~ “Why did Mom dress always us alike?”

Bring your girlhood photographs 
and create greater empathy
with children whose lives you touch… 

 SUNDAY APRIL 28th        12 PM - 3 PM      $30.00 
Ki Empowerment Holistic Center 
 933 High St   Suite 120 B   Worthington Ohio
Go to (or)   24 hour cancellation

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nancy Segal’s PHOETICS®The poetic truth in every childhood photograph’ 


 “Themes & Motifs of Our Girlhood Photographs”

Little Red Riding Hood    Nancy at Age Four   

THEME:  ‘Female Fairy Tales ~ Hair & Hoods’   
From Rapunzel and Snow White to Goldilocks and The Blue Fairy,
our deepest female truths about long and short hair, golden, raven, red
lay buried beneath false fairy tales. Discover the truths of your unique beauty!

THEME:   “My favorite girlhood dresses/shoes/hats/toys are always RED!
What are the many meanings of RED in our sacred Female Psyche?
 Discussion of The Red Shoes, Little Red Riding Hood and much more…

THEME:  “Why did Mom dress us alike?  We weren’t even twins!”
Sisters are not carbon copies-why is this practice so commonplace?
What does this say about our self-imaged sacred photographs?

Discover with wise women their many messages & meanings!

SUNDAY APRIL 28th        12 PM - 3 PM      $30.00 
Ki Empowerment Holistic Center   933 High St   Suite 120 B   Worthington

Go to (or)     24 hour cancellation

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nancy Segal’s The Eros of Phoetics® presents…..

Motherblood Eros:
“How Our Motherblood Photographs 
Mother & Guide Us”

Did you know that…..?
The Photographs of Your Maternal Ancestresses
project a Female Code
that unlocks, mothers, guides, informs,
sustains &supports Your Life Story!

v  What mysteries, truths, sensibilities do the women of your bloodline
hold for you in their Phoetic® images?

v  What do they want you to know today—about this creative impulse
that compels you to produce something higher, greater, finer?

v What keys might they carry to the myths called ‘family secrets’?

Please join me, Nancy Segal for this special sacred workshop series
 Receive their wisdom, blessings, sensibilities & truths.  
New Writing Techniques & Attachment Rhymes, Music & Dance!  

Saturday, February 9, 2013   11 AM – 2 PM    $50
 Ki Empowerment Holistic Center
 933 High St.    Suite120B    Worthington Ohio
For more info: (or)