Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday April 26 Phoenix Books 7 PM Sunday April 28 New Phoetics Workshop

Please join me, Nancy Segal
Guest Speaker 
  Friday, April 26th    Friday Night Talk  Phoenix Books 7-8 PM

Sunday, April 28th   Phoetics Workshop~ Recurring Themes in Our Girlhood Photographs 

Hair & Hoods in Fairy Tales ~ “I always wanted long hair…”   

 RED in the Female Psyche ~ “My favorite girlhood color was always RED.

 SISTERS are not carbon copies ~ “Why did Mom dress always us alike?”

Bring your girlhood photographs 
and create greater empathy
with children whose lives you touch… 

 SUNDAY APRIL 28th        12 PM - 3 PM      $30.00 
Ki Empowerment Holistic Center 
 933 High St   Suite 120 B   Worthington Ohio
Go to (or)   24 hour cancellation