Monday, February 6, 2012

What is Phoetics™?


Phoetics™ is a highly intuitive, spiritual & self-awareness processing and counseling technique designed to return a woman to her true spirit story using the five ways a woman connects: mind, body, soul, spirit and image. It draws deeply from ancient female consciousness, guides and teaches her how to interact with the imaged truths captured in her childhood photos that preserve and tell her story. Phoetics™ guides a woman back as she reunites spiritually, joyfully, holistically with her inner daughter, the keeper of her authentic story.

What does Phoetics™ mean?

Phoetics means: “The poetic truth in every childhood photograph.”

I believe in our childhood photos reside the images of our true story, that they await our return to recover and embrace what we left behind that is rightfully ours. It is every woman’s sacred spirit birthright to know, understand, cherish, celebrate, own and tell her story, to herself and to any soul she chooses.

When we know our story we are bonded with our inner daughter. When we are bonded with our inner daughter we feel empathy. When we feel empathy, we can fully and authentically protect, preserve, defend, revere and elevate children to their rightful place in the world: Number One. To revere the sacred Child and the child within is the very basis and precept upon which female consciousness rests.

Phoetics™ is the key back to Female Consciousness.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fun with Phoetics welcomes Susie Schiering!

Live & On Air!

February 4th, Saturday

9:30 AM 102.1 FM

"Fun with Phoetics "

Please join me,

your host Nancy Segal

as I welcome very special guest


Holistic Health Coach

& doTERRA Product Consultant


Me and the boys.jpg

"I want to discover the hidden mysteries in my childhood photos

that might shed light on the adventure I call my life"

Susie's Theme: Waterscapes of my childhood

(And we will wade in those waters.....)