Thursday, December 6, 2012


Eros = Female Imagination

January 12, 26:  Female Body Eros

Your Female Body Beliefs—Seeded in Childhood

Listen to Your Inner Daughter, The Bearer of Your Female Eros!

As she shares all that belongs to you...
Your Authentic Untamed Natural Female Face & Body

and all that never did........

Negative, False, Distorted images projected by Family & Culture

“Too thin, too fat, too tall, too short, too dark, too light etc etc etc…” 

Lose the labels and turn the tables!

Bring your childhood photos that recall, resonate, resound with both
Positive and Negative Beliefs, Feelings, Thoughts of and about
Your Female Face & Body Image(s)

Special Music & Dances 
New Attachment Rhymes Healing Writing Techniques!

See you there.....   
Nancy Segal
Saturday January 12 or 26
 11 am to 2 pm    $50.00    
 Ki Empowerment Holistic Center
 933 High St.   Suite120 B    Worthington  OH
To Register:   or

**Open to women over 18.  All courses designed for any woman new to Phoetics. 
 Classes begin with a review which allows for full participation.  Limited to 8.**

February 9:  Mother Daughter Eros: The Soul of Woman
 March 16: Female Child Eros: Common Girlhood Themes & Images 
April( tba) :  Our Maternal Ancestral  Photographs--
How Their Imaged Eros Blesses, Mothers & Guides Us