Sunday, September 9, 2012

Woman’s Aha!  Workshop:
Find Yourself in Phoetics®
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Your Story—Do You Myth It?
(If you don’t, you’ll never know it)
Hello!  I’m Nancy Segal; author of Nancy’s Truth©, poet, artist, radio show host and your host & spirit guide of this brand new, life-altering workshop you will want to return to again and again.  Phoetics® is older than old, newer than new.  It is every woman’s ancient birthright-rite and Healing Touchstone to Wholeness, Connection and Integration.  Phoetics® is Myth, Mystery, Meaning & Magic, 
all residing in your childhood photographs. 
            Phoetics® was created out of women’s demand to learn my innovative technique used to create, write, poeticize & sketch my childhood memoir.  The results are astounding—a ground breaking process that allows any woman to return to her own truths, authentic self, original purpose and sacred calling—all using her childhood photographs. I invite you to give yourself the priceless gift of Phoetics® and please join me on …

Saturday, October 6th    10 am-12pm  $29
 Ki Empowerment Holistic Center-Worthington
 933 High St. Ste 120B
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Read Women’s Raves for this Aha! Workshop  > “I have never seen anything like this before - it is different, effective and gives those who participate, loads of opportunities for what some people call "aha" moments. These are life-changers.”  Bo Arnold, Transformation Coach & Author
“Nancy's Phoetics session was enlightening! It was interesting to discover what I still know about myself in the past, and I felt like I reconnected with a true part of me I had forgotten about. Nancy's passion and honor of the sacredness of our photos and the messages they reveal is unparalleled, and the depth and detail with which she contributes to our journey of discovery is extraordinary. I feel like I have loved myself more since the session." Cindy Riggs, Psychic, Spiritual Consultant
 “Nancy has a gift of guiding women to connect with their core selves. Her knowledge and expertise on women’s consciousness is a life lifting. Her passion to give women the opportunity to connect with a part of them that may have been lost is amazing. Through her knowledge and expertise she helps women heal in ways they did not even know they needed healing. Her genuine kindness and desire to help women be their authentic selves is magical. You feel as if she is solely speaking to you when she may be speaking to an entire room of people. It is rare for a presenter to create the space and environment where you truly feel like you are the only person in the room. “         Carrie Saba, Wellness Coach
 “There are only 2 places that can go that will bring back feelings of the most beautiful times of your life. One of those places is your mind. The second is a photograph. The beauty of a photograph is that they are recorded in black, white, and color, and where the memory may have faded the photo is there forever. This is Phoetics. It can remind us of what we missed, what we most value, and even, possibly, where our life may have gone off course. I encourage every woman to take the time to give yourself—the gift of your mind, simple pleasures, and life answers through the gift of Phoetics. We all have at least one photograph we have that can make us smile and find calm for the soul. Find it, embrace it daily. Phoetics can be your guide! “ Lynne Wanner
“I came in with no expectation, and was more than surprised at my reaction to wading thru the first photograph that my non-dominant hand selected.  I could feel myself welling up with tears and they just started coming and wouldn't stop.  I seriously didn't think I would be able to get thru just the first photograph during that session, but I honored the truth I was seeking and found it that day, in a photograph of a one-year old child named Lisa, a little angel that spoke to me about her truth of why she is here and how she wishes to live, truly amazing!  It was life changing. …
“I've been using several different avenues to find the truth of my existence here and being a Psychic Medium is just one of them.  Having the opportunity to speak to my child self, that beautiful child that loved life and had no fears or expectations of what life was going to bring her, has been totally life changing!  I have learned to embrace my inner child and love her for everything that she is and wants to be....loved.”   Lisa Noland, Psychic Medium
 “Phoetics is for any woman open to something different, searching, to expand her horizons.  The lasting effect for me is the empowerment I felt during the session. I have boosted my confidence. “Susie Schiering,
“Phoetics is so unique to Nancy and I have never seen someone who is more knowledgeable but most of all passionate about teaching women how to reconnect with their true authentic selves.  She helped me to see those messages in my childhood pictures that I would have never even noticed had she not walked me through pulling them out.  Every time I hear her speak she continues to amaze me with her insight and true intuition when gazing into my pictures.” April Rhoden
“As someone who has known Nancy Segal for seventeen years personally & professionally, I have been fortunate enough to witness her creativity, wisdom and strong intuitive ability.  Anyone who takes this journey through their old childhood photographs will come away with new insights and self-awareness.  Phoetics is—as it were—a window into the self.”                Janeen Cunningham, MA Newport Beach, CA