Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nancy's Truth: "Fun with Phoetics" debuts on the air!

Guest on “Fun with Phoetics”

(Bexley, OH) - Nancy Segal, the radio show host of Fun with Phoetics will have a guest on October 15th. “Fun with Phoetics” is a weekly show that airs at 1pm on Bexley Radio 102.1 and 98.3 FM. Darrah Courter is a Phoetics client of Nancy’s.

Fun with Phoetics uses Nancy’s trademarked techniques which use biological, chemical, physical and intuitive energies that combine to bring a woman's truths into the light. Those truths are preserved in her childhood photographs. The Fun with Phoetics show is a lively discussion that dives into the truths discovered via childhood photographs. Darrah and Nancy will discuss the amazing insight that occurred during a session.
“I was amazed how writing about a picture with my non-dominate hand could draw out so many feelings and observations about a snap-shot of my life. We found that there were more insights about what was not in the picture. Phoetics is pretty amazing,” noted Darrah.

Please join Darrah and I for this debut of my first guest broadcast! And email in any questions-ideas you would like addressed on the air for future shows

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  1. I'm looking forward to being on the show. Phoetics is an interesting technique to find your true self!