Saturday, September 3, 2011

Phoetics & Return to Authentic Self

Phoetics & Femality (Female Consciousness)

Women are built to create. Our bodies are made for it. We create from the day we're here and have an innate need to preserve beauty. Why else would there be such a sudden surge for archiving and scrapbooking? Women are showing up in droves to preserve, protect, beautify, elevate, celebrate and venerate the events, people, places and moments of their private lives and perhaps unwittingly, themselves.

Female = image. This is why women are so passionate for image, we revel in and about it. We communicate with our body via gestures, facial nuances, hands, lips, eyes, hair in symbolic female language. In the material world we create photos, art, portraits, sketches, paintings, poetry, story, lyrics, and pastiches, soul collages and more. Our brains are wired to read, speak, intuit, convey and connect "image-matically." (My word) And we do all of this via the female energies from our inner-body wisdom.

Lest you doubt the power of image, of its sheer female presence, consider what happened six months to the day before 9/11, though it is seldom reported. The same terrorist group that took down The World Trade Center (another very female image) blew up a 3,000 year old sacred statue, the last and oldest image in the world, an ancient of what else, the female, the goddess. And when the early Hebrews wanted to control women's bodies & minds, the first thing they did was destroy every image--especially female ones--and then replace it with words they invented and branded as 'God's Law.' Why? Because words control thoughts. Image is unique, subjective, is in the eye of the beholder. Even when image is used for propoganda, remember there are always words to back up the image, "The better to control you with, my dear...". .

Image is the Female Axiom & Principle

Image is the female axiom, province, principle, our birthright and we know it. So why then isn't the world crammed full of female creations? The answer is: We have become disconnected from our great power source, our sacred body--at just about every level.

From the day we enter the culture we are taught to abandon our sacred body in all it's female wisdom, our best friend, companion and lover. The messages are overt and covert. Our body is never 'enough.' Good enough, thin enough, pretty, light, dark, hairless, tall, short, graceful enough. It is drummed into our heads from the cradle that we are different, damaged, dirty, and most of all--dangerous--to ourselves and to others. Why would any woman turn to her body for any good creative reason given that brainwashing tripe? So we disconnect from our body, little by little, depth by depth. Only we don't know it and we go on to live our lives in ignorance of all our Original Potential.

Most women are not in their bodies. That is a psychological fact--ask any practicing female therapist.

Oh yes, we paint, sculpt, photograph, compose, write, dance, play, perform, yet the tragic truth is, we do it connected to/at the most superficial of body levels. Most of us are not fully and deep in our bodies.. And we just don't know how to return. Hey, we don't know we ever left! Phoetics changes that. Phoetics says your body is not only your instrument for creation, it carries conductors for truth, beauty and sacred mysteries. Phoetics knows: Your story is not your family, your story is you.

Phoetics uses biological, chemical, physical and intutitve energies that combine to bring a woman's living archival truths into the light. Those truths are preserved in her childhood photographs and her sacred inner body. Like the Hidden Pictures in Highlights, our childhood photos carry, preserve and convey hidden images, truths that peek from trees, linger in shadows, flowers, skies, buildings, people, animals and the girl you once: All captured in that 'phoetic moment.'

What's a Phoetic Moment?

Phoetics means, 'the poetry (poetic truth) in every photograph.'

A phoetic moment is captured every time a lens clicks, that sacred nanosecond that preserves the Beauty that is Truth. It is the magic and mystery our psyches 'get' subconsciously but seldom bring to full awareness and is where we enter our story, enter 'the picture' literally and figuatively. Your phoetic moments may slumber deeply in dusty drawers, disintegrate in corrrugated boxes, or just 'rest in peace' under the somber cover of a long lost album, but they don't leave and they don't go quietly. They cry out, come back! We are your staunchest allies, guardians of your original truths! We are myth. Return, only return. We love you.

In the process of Phoetics, I teach how to use your female body a new way, effortlessly, selflessly, naturally. You use both your non-dominanant and dominant hands, your sacred photo and magical rhymes that unlock any blocks to the past. And because your psyche always knows how what you're ready to receive and when, Phoetics is a wonderful adjunct to therapy, writing your journal and creative biography (I call it mythobiography). Phoetics is that magical 'open sesame.'

What does Phoetics open?

The dark vault to let the light of your story's truths pour in any project you are stuck on. Phoetics bequeaths what is every woman's birthright: to return, retrieve and revitalize her authentic self. Your original being, soul, spirit you were born as and with. Your story, purpose and calling.

We have been driven out of our home truths (psychic bodies) long enough. Women are re-awakening. The 3rd wave of female consciousness rolled in the last part of the 20th century and is now a tsunami. Time to give it a name we can easily toss and banter about with. I call it, 'Femality.'

[See poem: Who Am I?]

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